MTB Drentsche Aa (Anloo)

2 hour 36 minutes (39.0 km)
Managed by: Recreatieschap Drenthe

This route is in the northern part of the province of Drenthe and is suitable for advanced MTBers. The route passes the forestry of Anloo and Balloërveld, among other attractive elements. You will encounter ancient burial mounds on the route. 

Two-thirds of the route consists of dirt tracks and single tracks, while one-third is made up of paved and semi-paved roads. There are few hills on the route and the route’s paths are generally wide. From Balloo you go through/past Loon, Taarlo, Balloërveld, Gasteren, Ubinksbos, Anloo, Eext, Anderen and back to Balloo again.
On the way you encounter country roads, loose sand, soggy soil, unpaved paths and thickets.

You can start this route from:

Sights on this route

Starting point: Lunsenhof 20
9467 PM Anloo

Crabbeweg 2
9458 TE Balloo

Nijend 2
9465 TR Anderen

De Hoek 29
9466 PC Gasteren
End point: Lunsenhof 20
9467 PM Anloo