Doing & Experiencing

Time to go out and explore! Enjoy a well-deserved holiday with the entire family or just for the two of you. A holiday abroad, and yet familiar and close to home. A holiday filled with plenty of time and space to go out and engage in active pursuits, to enjoy nature, or a perfectly relaxing holiday because the children have plenty to do, or one where you take on the coolest adventures along with the kids. Drenthe makes all of these options available and more!

Drenthe, the coolest playground in the Netherlands

For children, the province of Drenthe is like one big playground. No matter which part of Drenthe you are staying in, your children will be able to find a new adventure around every corner and behind every tree. They can romp through nature, visit the little new-born lambs at the local sheepfold, go diving in swimming ponds and clamber in climbing parks, ride the roller coasters at the coolest amusement parks, and go on an expedition in WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen. Give your children a wonderful gift; take them to Drenthe!

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Een meisje stapt uit het wrak van een vliegtuig in Wildlands Adventure Zoo.

Outdoor & Active

Put on your sturdiest walking shoes, because once you get started on one of the many trails in Drenthe, you’ll want to explore the entire province! Grab your bike for a comfortable tour or take on the challenge and explore the winding paths along woodland ponds, forests, and heaths on your mountain bike. Drenthe also features many beautiful streams, so a canoe trip also comes highly recommended. Or, you can go riding and soak up the outdoors on horseback! You’ll soon find that you’ll never want to leave.


Een man en een vrouw zijn in het Bargerveen even van de fiets afgestapt om van het veenlandschap te genieten.

Outdoor & Active tips


As a province, Drenthe has a rich cultural past. As such, there is plenty of culture to be experienced on every street corner. Visit the Hunebed Centre, to discover all there is to know about those characteristic Drenthe monuments. Go to the Drents Museum to visit its extensive permanent collection or the spectacular temporary exhibitions for which it’s well known. The National Prison Museum and the Veenpark are not only educational and interesting but make great outings for children as well. In short, culture lovers are sure to have a great time in Drenthe!

Een man en een vrouw lopen over het plein naar de ingang van het Drents Museum. Een man en een vrouw staan in een zal verder lege zaal, met een prachtige houten vloer, naar een groot kunstwerk aan de muur te kijken. Een man en een vrouw lopen de trap op in de hal van het Drents Museum.

Beauty & Wellness

Relaxing, that is what we do best in Drenthe. And, we’d love to share the art of relaxation with you. A calming massage, a wonderful facial, or a quick trip to the sauna: what do you like to do to relax and unwind? That’s the only question you will need to ask during your holiday in Drenthe. Whatever you choose, you’ll return home fully recharged and relaxed!