Nature & National Parks

Nature in Drenthe has many different facets, here rugged plains alternate with idyllic landscapes of repeating hedgerows and rows of trees. This great variety makes Drenthe such a beautiful place. So, put on your walking shoes, pump up your bike tyres, and go outside! Wander through one of the Natural Parks, or go on an excursion with a forester or guide.

National Parks in Drenthe

Drenthe is beautiful in every season and features so many beautiful natural areas where you can walk or cycle or even take your children on an adventure. In addition to the many nature reserves, there are also three National Parks, which offer all the special natural features of the Dutch landscape. These parks may be smaller and more intimate compared to National Parks in other parts of Europe, but rest assured; there is plenty of room to cycle and walk for hours. Each National Park has its own distinct personality. The Dwingelderveld is great for hours of roaming and cycling through the heath, the Drents-Friese Wold features sizeable forests and sand drifts, and the Drentsche Aa National Park with its stream valleys and traditional villages features many winding paths, unpaved roads, and boardwalks.

National Parks in Drenthe

How I wish that we could walk together here and paint together. I believe that the countryside would win you over and convince you.

- Vincent van Gogh in a letter about Drenthe to his brother

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Even more natural beauty in Drenthe

Here in Drenthe, we are very proud of our three National Parks, but all of the other nature reserves in the area are not outclassed by the parks by any means! For example, the Balloërveld nature reserve is managed by shepherds and their flocks, the Doldersummerveld heath turns purple when the heather blooms in early autumn, and then there is De Hondsrug, which is home to the Netherlands’ oldest monuments, the prehistoric hunebeds. Not to mention the Mantingerveld, Sleenerzand, Reestdal and many other nature reserves that are perfect for boundless roaming and wonderful excursions.