Children’s activities in Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is the coolest playground in the Netherlands. Leave your iPads and computer games at home; your children will be able to go on amazing adventures, not behind a screen, but out in nature: climbing and romping through the woods, going out with the local shepherd, visiting the gnomes, or spotting wild animals at WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen. For both children and parents alike, every day is a celebration when you’re in Drenthe!


WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo

Go on an expedition at WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo! Explore the jungle by boat or on foot and meet the elephant family.  Or spot rhinos and giraffes up close during a truck safari across the savannah.

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Bootjes varen door de jungle langs een olifant. Kinderen staan achter een glazen wand naar een zwemmende ijsbeer te kijken bij Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

More adventures for kids in Drenthe

Discover the mysteries of the hunebeds

The hunebeds are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands. They are prehistoric tombstones built with huge boulders weighing thousands of kilograms. Discover who created them and find out some pretty amazing hunebed facts.

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Een gezin met twee kinderen zit voor een hut in het hunebedcentrum.

The Nature Game

The Nature Game is a magical tablet game. The Spectator is your secret viewer, allowing you to see things that remain hidden to other people. You walk on a treasure map and the compass shows you the way, via videos, riddles, and interactive games. It is a unique story that you can only experience right here.

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Broertje en zusje staan in de natuur met een tablet te kijken waar ze naartoe moeten.

Campsites and bungalow parks

Are you looking for a five-star campsite, a waterside campsite, or a cosy campsite in a natural Netherland landscape? The family campsite offering in Drenthe is extensive and is consistently awarded high marks by the Dutch ANWB tourism association and the German ADAC tourism association. A campsite in Drenthe is the perfect spot for you to relax and recharge while your children have a great time with the entertainment team. And, if you are looking for a more luxurious stay, enjoy one of the many bungalow parks or cottages in Drenthe.