Are you in the mood for a good long walk? If so, Drenthe is the perfect place for you. Nowhere else you will find such a diverse landscape filled with broad views and cosy traditional villages – you’ll discover a new vista around every corner!

Visitor centre and walking centre

If you want to be well prepared before you set out, start your walk at a visitor centre where you’ll find all of the necessary information about the nature reserves and the Natural Parks. There are plenty of fun activities for children and you can also participate in guided excursions and take a tour with a forester.

Gezin wandelt in het Boomkroonpad.

Walking routes

Drenthe is a true walking province. Go for a long walk through the natural landscape, or enjoy a short city or village tour. There are all sorts of routes in Drenthe – pick a route and follow the markers or download a route here. We hope you’ll enjoy lots of walking fun!

Walking through Drenthe’s natural landscape