MTB Appelscha (Bosberg)

18 minutes (4.4 km)
Managed by: Recreatieschap Drenthe

This challenging, 4.4-kilometre route requires a good warming up in advance. En route, you encounter technical single tracks and testing climbs. There are no paved or flat segments on this route. The route is just over the border in Friesland among Appelscha’s old, overgrown dunes. These dunes have made it possible to create a stunning track with a lot of relatively steep terrain for the region. Friesland’s highest point is located in this part of Friese Wouden.
The route can be combined with the blue, 17.3-kilometre Appelscha route. Combining these two routes creates a route with a total length of more than 21 kilometres.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Boerestreek 12
8426 BP Appelscha

Bosberg 2
8426 GJ Appelscha
End point: Boerestreek 12
8426 BP Appelscha