MTB Ruinen

1 hour 18 minutes (19.5 km)
Managed by: Recreatieschap Drenthe

Running through the forestry of Ruinen, this route was created especially for MTBers. This area used to be heathland; between 1940 and 1952, the forest was planted. The forest mainly consists of straight rows of pine trees, but you also encounter heathland and marshy high-lying peats during this route. While cycling, you encounter straight paths, often interspersed with especially created single tracks. All this has resulted in a technical track. Due in part to its lack of height differences, the track is suitable for both beginner and advanced MTBers. For this reason, it can be combined well with other routes in Drenthe.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Hooimaatsdijk
7963 Echten

Fluitenbergseweg 94
7931 TC Fluitenberg

Holiday home de Giesselterhoek

Gijsselterweg 8 -
7931 TH Fluitenberg
Holiday home de Giesselterhoek

Ruinerweg 7
7932 PD Echten
End point: Hooimaatsdijk