MTB Grollo

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1 hour 12 minutes (18.0 km)

With a length of 15 kilometres, this route primarily consists of single tracks. It runs through forest and nature reserve De Moere near Grolloo. This 55-hectare estate was purchased shortly after the First World War by Lambertus van der Moer, a captain with KNSM (Royal Dutch Steamboat Company). There’s one villa—De Moere—remaining on the estate. The route is suitable for all MTB skill levels. Halfway through the route there’s a challenging hump that is best skipped by beginners. A connecting route has been created with the route in Gieten/Gasselte.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Oostereind 12
9444 XD Grolloo

Climbing park Grolloo
End point: Oostereind 12
9444 XD Grollo