MTB Emmen (Noordbargerbos)

53 minutes (13.3 km)
Managed by: Recreatieschap Drenthe

This MTB route is a little longer than 13 kilometres and is entirely in the Noordbargerbos woodland. Running along various, small technical single tracks, the route is reasonably flat. The route is very doable for beginners. Enthusiasts can combine this route with the Sleen, Emmerdennen and Parc Sandur routes. True long-distance cyclists can combine it with the Exloo MTB route. The connecting routes aren’t signposted, but if you follow the route along Oranjekanaal towards Het Haantje, you can easily cycle towards Sleen or Exloo.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Emmerweg 85
7812 BC Emmen
End point: Emmerweg 85
7812 BC Emmen