MTB Zuidwolde-West

(18.5 km)
Managed by: Recreatieschap Drenthe

MTB Zuidwolde-West has the same departure point as MTB Zuidwolde-Oost. This route (primarily through the forest) is highly diverse: you cycle along single tracks in the forest, dirt tracks, small bridges, paved roads and even a bit of cobbled road. Encountering sharp bends, tree trunks, hairpin bends, small pools of water, hills and small bumps you can use for jumping on the way, your steering skills are really put to the test. At the end of the route, you can choose to go back to the carpool location or to continue with the Zuidwolde-Oost MTB route. If you opt for the latter, you need to cross over the viaduct.

Locations on this route

Start point : Zuidwolde
End point: Zuidwolde



  • Route typing: Mountain biking
  • Route obstacles: Hilly, On the road, Viaduct
  • Route characteristics: From A to A
  • Starting point:
  • Signposted: Yes
  • Explanation marking:

Target group

  • Young peopleYes
  • PupilsYes
  • StudentsYes
  • AdultsYes
  • Senior citizensYes
  • GroupsYes


  • Mountain bikeYes