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Het Hijkerveld Campsite

One of the most beautiful and quiet places, surrounded by nature is in Drenthe, one of the …

One of the most beautiful and quiet places, surrounded by nature is in Drenthe, one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands. When you wake up at our campsite all you hear is the sound of birds singing to start the day. In our canteen you can start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. Around the campsite there are a lot of things to discover. You can make beautiful trips in nature, which you can do by bike or you can choose to go by foot. It's also possible to visit 'Kamp Westerbork', in English Camp Westerbork. This was a Nazi transit camp during world war II. Close to Camp Westerbork is the observatory which is a public place in nature where you can learn all about the galaxy. 

Close to the campsite there is the nature reserve called 'Hijkerveld'. It is a beautiful calm place in nature where not many tourist know about. It's best if you ask us during your stay how you can get there since it is a local secret. Close to this beautiful place at the Hijkerveld there is a birds spotting cabin. The access to the cabin starts underground. Trough an open door under a small hill you walk a view hundred meters in straight forward. Then you enter the stairs to the cabin where you can enjoy the beautiful view.

The campsite is run by Hennie and Harrie Doornbos and their six children. The family is very hospitable and are there everyday to answer all your questions. There are only 15 places available, that makes the campsite a calm place to stay. Next to the campsite is the home of four horses. They are trained by two of the children from Hennie and Harrie and it is possible to pet them if there is somebody with the horses. It is also possible to join a free ride at the carriage when this is available. Ask Hennie or Harrie about the possibilities. 

The languages spoken at the campsite are (next to Dutch) English, a little German an Norwegian. 

Book your stay at www.minicampinghethijkerveld.nl (this is in dutch) or send an e-mail to info@minicampinghethijkerveld.nl


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