The Paiser Meul mill is located in the quaint centre of the village of Peize. The mill’s ground floor houses a bakery shop. Appropriately so, in view of the fact that the mill’s construction was commissioned by bakers and farmers in Peize towards the end of the 19th century. 

Paiser Meul was built in 1893, but wasn’t newly built at the time. The mill was originally built in 1845 in Enumatil (Groningen), where it was in operation until 1890. It wasn’t a long-distance move; the two villages are only 15 kilometres apart. Until 1971 Paiser Meul had a distinctively Groningen feel to it. During a large-scale renovation in the early seventies, the hull’s wooden cover—a common feature of mills in Groningen—was replaced by a thatch cover. This gave the mill its more typical Drenthe appearance.

Eight-sided smock mill with stage


Molenpad 1
9321 CA Peize
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