Open air museum “Ellert and Brammert”

In 1850, the digging of a canal across the province of Drenthe commenced. Its purpose was to provide access to the large moorlands in the south-eastern part of the province and facilitate the exploitation of peat, the brown gold. In 1854, the first inhabitants settled here.
Open air museum “Ellert and Brammert” shows how people in this part of Drenthe lived at that time. Sod huts are a central feature. This primitive dwelling consists of walls and a roof made of heath sods. The museum collection also includes several other types of accommodation, which become increasingly more “modern” along the way. Some of the buildings were broken down elsewhere and rebuilt on the museum grounds, including the tollhouse, the Saxon farm and the old inn, which still offers food and drinks. In addition, various exhibitions are on display and for children there is a playground as well as a children’s farm.


Tramstraat 73
7848BJ Schoonoord
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  • Adults€8.50
  • Children€5.00


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