De Vlijt

Mill De Vlijt is located in Diever; more accurately, in Oldendiever. It’s originally from Friesland. There are a few permanent millers who make sure the mill runs and mills every Saturday. You can buy a range of locally produced and delicious products at the mill—including pancake mixes, spelt, rye and buckwheat. 

This small stage mill ran on wind power until 1938. Since that time, it has only been using its crude oil engine. People think the mill’s entire stage probably fell down in 1940. It was renovated afterwards, but due to lacking funds fell into disrepair. The municipality intervened by taking over the mill and giving it a complete renovation. After this, the mill went into use as an artisinal mill, still regularly producing for regional bakers. 

Eight-sided smock mill with stage


Oldendiever 35
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