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Enjoy an adventurous excursion with friends and family in our beautiful Hondsrug Unesco-Parc. Drive yourself around in one of our 100% electrical Eko-explorer© 'offroad' vehicles and experience the vast nature and culture Drenthe’s landscape offers. Our guide will escort you on this 'green trip' packed with extraordinary sights and stunning nature. Book a tour with Eko-tours and experience Drenthe.

Thanks to our cooperation with the State Forest Service, we’re allowed to drive through the forest and take you to places you would otherwise never see. Of course, the Eko-explorer© is a very quiet vehicle, so you can enjoy nature to the fullest.

All excursions are hosted in Dutch. However, our guides will do their best to provide the right information to any English-speaking guests. Visit our website to book one of our popular excursions. 


  • Location: Near the forest / nature reserve
  • Number of persons: > 30
  • Other: Dogs allowed
  • Rating: 4 star superior


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