UNESCO Geopark de Hondsrug

De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark is a unique cultural area in Europe. The landscape will enchant you with its many hunebeds that date back to the Ice Age. Rivers flowing underneath the ice created the hills and ridges in the landscape, hence the Dutch name, Hondsrug or ‘Dog’s back’. The ice also transported huge boulders to the area, which the Funnelbeaker people used to construct their hunebeds, the Netherland’s oldest monuments.

On expedition

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy an extensive nature reserve by bike, on horseback, and on foot. There are various expeditions for you to enjoy in this Geopark. Your guide will tell you all sorts of details about the past. Go on a cycling or walking excursion, or go on one of the expeditions to hear stories about the Ice Age.

Een luchtfoto van een hunebed dat tussen de bomen ligt.

Be sure to enjoy these special activities at UNESCO Geopark De Hondsrug