MTB Dwingeloo

(23.0 km)

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  • This route is Dwingelderveld National Park, the largest contiguous area of wet heathland in …

    This route is Dwingelderveld National Park, the largest contiguous area of wet heathland in Western Europe. There are two shepherded sheep herds in the area. In addition to heathland, you also encounter forest and small fens—home to a wide range of remarkable plants. On top of that, there are rare butterfly and bird species in the area. The route mainly consists of forest paths and dirt tracks, which are usually unpaved. The best place to start the route is at Oriëntatiecentrum (orientation centre) Dwingelderveld. Here, you start on relatively wide forest paths, interspersed with fun segments of single track. After roughly six kilometres, you pass a metal fence. In the area enclosed by this fence is where the sheep and cattle graze. 

    In addition to passing through beautiful nature reserves en route, you pass by Planetron (you can enjoy a film or stargazing show here), various works of art by artists from around the world, and Staatsbosbeheer’s (the Forestry Commission’s) info centre at Lhee, where you can watch a slide show. The northern part of this route is a lot flatter and mostly features long, wide forest paths and small segments of single track. The most northern part of the route runs parallel with the A28 motorway for a while. You can see the road on your left between the trees. After a few more wide paths and a few segments of single track, having cycled a total of 23 kilometres, you return to the info centre. Dwingelderveld National Park’s popularity among tourists means you occasionally intersect footpaths and bridle paths. The route is not difficult. It can therefore be combined well with other routes in Drenthe.

    Jens Dekker, road racing cyclist and cyclocross rider
    “I regularly use this mountain biking route as part of my training. Since it isn’t very technical, this is a perfect route for beginners. I can cycle at pace here, while enjoying Dwingelderveld and its expansive heathlands while I ride.”

    Sights on this route

    Starting point: Oude Postweg 12
    9417 TG Spier




    Dwingeloo Radio Telescope - opened 1956 and national monument since 2009 - is one of the oldest and most famous radio telescopes. The radio telescope is located in a radio-interference-free zone near the ASTRON/JIVE buildings in the Dwingelderveld.

    CAMRAS - Dwingeloo Radio Telescoop

    End point: Oude Postweg 12
    9417 TG Spier