Van Gogh walking routes

Van Gogh loved walking and strolling through nature and covered many kilometres in his lifetime. During his time in Drenthe, he explored much of his surroundings. In search of untouched nature, he was greatly attracted by the peat bogs, where peat extraction was then in full swing.

You can explore Drenthe just like Vincent did. We have created four special walking routes. They take you past places where Vincent left his footprints 140 years ago.

Podwalks and viewing panels

There are podwalks that correspond with the walking routes, allowing you to listen while walking. Information signs along the routes tell you more about Vincent’s time in Drenthe and the viewing panels show you what Van Gogh saw. The routes can be followed via special brown and white signs.

Via het doorkijkpaneel zie je de schets van de Turfschuit van Vincent van Gogh daadwerkelijk varen in het Drentse landschap.

The footsteps of Van Gogh - 4 new Van Gogh walking routes in Drenthe

Walking guide to all the Van Gogh routes

A special walking guide has also been developed for the four routes; The footsteps of Van Gogh. This guide has 48 pages and is full of background information. You can buy it for €5.95 at Tourist Info Aalden-Zweeloo, VVV Tourist Info Assen, Tourist Info Emmen and Tourist Info Hoogeveen, among others.

Tip: Cycle the Van Gogh cycling routes

You can also get to know the primal landscape of Drenthe by cycling along three new cycling routes around Emmen, Hoogeveen and Zweeloo, each of which are 50 km long.

View the cycling routes
Een man fietst door het Drentse landschap langs een doorkijkpaneel met een schets van Van Gogh.